Thank goodness this lunatic didn't kill anybody.

Some guy in Canada recently went bonkers for the world to see. No one knows exactly what set this guy off, but clearly something did, and he snapped.

He channeled his anger by tossing anything he could get his hands on, out of the 19th floor window on his high-rise. He was throwing EVERYTHING. All the furniture got tossed, and came crashing down onto the ground below. Somehow, no one was injured, thankfully.

Although one car was severely damaged.

From the youtube video's bio, a witness had this to say: "At first I heard really loud crashing noises, and glass shattering. It echoed all over the neighborhood. After a few more crashes I thought someone was breaking car windows. As it turned out, this person was chucking large pieces of furniture and glass out their very high window. After the first few crashes, I heard a man on the street yelling at the top of his lungs to make them stop. The crashes and frantic screaming continued. I captured the last bit of furniture to leave the window. They had to push out and break the window frame so that may be part of the shattering glass sounds. Cops swarmed the place. Yellow tape was put up around the driveway area where everything was falling. One car was severely damaged, but no one was hurt!"

Warning: profanity in the clip below.