While traveling home through flooded streets, one family was met by a woman with a bat who was attempting to slow down vehicles that were driving down the road. The woman hit the family's truck with a bat and also threatened them with a gun.

Aaron Banks posted the video to Facebook and you can watch below

WBRZ reports that the Sheriff's office responded to the situation and arrested 38 year old Bridgette Digerolamo. She was charged with criminal damage to property and aggravated assault with a firearm.

Sheriff's deputies told WBRZ that Digerolamo shouted, "Turn the f*** around, you're causing my house to flood" before she went into the house and returned outside with a gun yelling, "You better move".

Digerolamo told deputies, "I was in fear of my life, and my child's life, I want an attorney" when being questioned.

This is scary. I am thankful that no one was hurt in this situation as tensions were very high amidst rising waters in the area.

This story is still under investigation. We will follow the story and update as appropriate.


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