In a new video interview with Vanity Fair, Beastie Boys member Mike D talks about the '90s and, in particular, the influence of grunge on the era's music scene.

In the two-and-a-half-minute clip, Mike D (who was born Michael Diamond) chats about pot (and its blooming culture), zines and hip-hop too. But it's his take on the decade's sludgy music that stands out. You can watch the video above.

He calls grunge a "death sentence to the rock that had preceded it," specifically targeting hair-metal bands that dominated the airwaves in the late '80s.

“All of a sudden, grunge came in [and] it wasn’t cool anymore if you were a guy at the gas station to be into Warrant,” he says. “You couldn’t have big, fluffy long hair -- you had to have f---ed-up shorter hair and a plaid shirt. You couldn’t be walking around the gas station in spandex anymore.”

He also briefly touches on the burgeoning indie-rock scene, mostly focusing on the DIY zines that sprung up at the time and their eventual influence on the music they embraced.

And here's just about as grungy as the Beasties got back in the day:

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