Is there an amount of money someone could pay you to do this?

For me, there is a number. How about $125,000,000? For that, I think I would do it, but not for a penny less.

A video has gone viral showing a beekeeper doing what beekeepers do best, i guess, and that's keep bees. This guy, though, took things to the extreme for the world to see. I'm gonna warn you, this is one of those videos that will absolutely make your skin crawl, so get ready.

He was transferring bees in his truck, when the box came open. Shortly after, his entire truck was literally filled with flying, buzzing bees. He remained calm, though, which even for a beekeeper is impressive. Believe it or not, he didn't get stung one single time while in the truck.

However, he was stung a few times when trying to herd them back into their box.

Check it out!



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