This Past Saturday Morning Called for Something Different.

I love my Sunday brunch options and there are three spots that I rotate throughout the month. There is a new spot in town that recently opened up for breakfast and they just extended hours until 1:00 pm so of course, I decided to leave my bed and chase something different.

Sweet Cheezus is Known for Their Amazing Charcuterie Trays.

If you're having a party chances are there is a Sweet Cheezus Charcuterie tray there to help give everyone all of their snack fixes. Turns out the crew at Sweet Cheezus is also good at the breakfast game.

The Charcuterie Curators Set Up Shop Inside Shreveport's Downtown Airport.

Although the plan may have been to just have a commercial kitchen to work out of, the business quickly evolved into serving up lunch and then they tried their hand at breakfast.

There is One Item on the Breakfast Menu That Stole the Show.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Every Time I Looked Up While Eating My Breakfast Another Table Was Getting a Fresh Baked Cinnamon Roll Sent to Their Table.

Were they going to run out of these before I got my chance to eat one of these glorious-looking pastries? I panicked and I asked if they had more back there, they assured me there were more in the kitchen. After we finished our breakfast we nodded and let the staff know, we were ready for the cinnamon roll of cinnamon rolls.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

I Had the Best Cinnamon Roll of My Life at Shreveport's Downtown Airport.

No lie, this cinnamon roll was huge. I will never complain when something is huge and on a plate. I shared this cinnamon roll and to be honest I regretted my offer to share, this is one of those experiences that should be intimate. Just you, a fork, and that giant ooey-gooey cinnamon roll. Is the icing a witch's concoction? Who gave this cinnamon roll the right to be this freaking good?

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