If you are reading this, let me thank you first for your love of marching bands.  You likely are connected to one in a very personal way.  Regardless of the results, everyone of these bands is filled to the brim with talented and dedicated young performers that deserve all the praise they can get for the long hours of practice both on and off of the field.  As a former band kid, it warms my heart to see the love for the halftime stars that you have already shown.  Now, after tens of thousands of votes - we have our finalists!

The list below is comprised of the top 3 bands from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas as determined by the first round of voting.  The voting will end at midnight on Thursday, October 11th - and the winner will be announced online and live on K945's Morning Madhouse on Friday October 12th.  You can vote once every 3 hours, so make sure you share this with everyone you know!