First things first, I'm a band nerd.  I have been one since middle school, and I'm proud of my Bari-Sax carrying, counter-marching, plume-on-my-hat marching band days.  It made me a stronger person, and it taught me that I didn't need to be popular to survive.

On a serious note, I know exactly how much work goes into marching season.  The long practices in the summer heat, the repetitive routines, the endless drills - it takes dedication, talent, and very supportive parents.

I know that there is an official UIL competition for marching bands, but we are looking for the most popular, well liked, and baddest marching band in the Ark-La-Tex!  Vote for the best of the best below, and if I missed a band that should be considered for the title of Best Marching Band in the Ark-La-Tex - let me know.

UPDATE: The initial round of voting has closed.  Thanks to your votes, we have been able to narrow this distinguished list down to 10 finalists.  Cast you vote once again to help determine the cream of the Marching Band crop by clicking the button below.