Last week, we reached out to you and asked you to help us find the most popular DJ's in the Ark-La-Tex  and from events to weddings to bar shows - these DJ's bring the party wherever they go.  The question now before us is this: Who did it best in the Ark-La-Tex for 2018?  This is your chance to make sure they are recognized for all of the socks they rocked off of you.  The DJ that takes your vote could be one you follow religiously, or maybe they just happened to be playing at a bar one night and you really dug their sound.  Either way, the choice is yours!

Below are the DJ's you nominated, so make sure to make your vote count.  You can vote every 3 hours so make sure you share this with your friends! Top 5 will move on to the final round!

The poll will stay open until Sunday, December 2nd at midnight - so get to voting!

Other categories you can vote in...