Welcome to late-May, this is perfect picnic weather and if you're in need of picnic locations, I've got you covered.

I'm not great at many things, but one thing I am an expert in is throwing a wonderful picnic party. As a father of two daughters, a perfect picnic is an essential play in the playbook. My daughters both absolutely love going out to a park, laying down a few blankets, and eating whatever food is on the menu that evening.

In fact, we have our annual pizza picnic party on Valentine's Day where we have a picnic right under the amphitheater awing in downtown Shreveport. If you want to enjoy a nice picnic in Shreveport, you can't go wrong with these locations!


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    Betty Virginia Park

    Located in Shreveport off Line Ave, you absolutely have to enjoy a picnic at the lovely Betty Virginia park. The park itself is beyond spacious and well-maintained, making it a wonderful picnic location.


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    Clyde Fant Parkway

    Clyde Fant is one of the most scenic, long stretches of road we have in town, running quite a long ways along the Red River. All along the parkway, you'll come across long, beautiful stretches of openness, so bring a blanket and a basket of goodies and enjoy it.


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    Your High School Football Field

    Naturally, this is only a safe, legal option if your high school's football field is open and available for use. Personally, I've brought this one out of the bag once or twice for perfect date nights. Nothing like it.

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    The Duck Pond

    Everyone knows and loves the duck pond, and for good reason. It's an excellent location with a park, in a safe, beautiful area of town. Picnic at the duck pond is always a big win.


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    Shreveport Riverview Park

    I debated leaving this one off my list to keep it as my own little secret, but I'll finally let you in on it. The beautiful downtown Riverview Park is immaculate and gorgeous. Feel free to have a picnic out there any day/night of the year, except for Valentine's Day night because my daughters and I have that spot reserved forever.




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