If you haven't seen the magical creation that is Bob's Burgers then you don't know what true animated entertainment is.

This show is a heroic depiction of a father trying to raise his family while striving for the american dream of owning a burger joint on what is essentially Staten Island.

The family is nutty and unique. Louis, the youngest child who is all sass and doesn't let anyone tell her she is wrong. Gene, the musical goof whose upsest with fart sounds. Tina, the eldest child that writes erotic friend fiction about zombies and touch boys butts. Then of course the mom, Linda. The wine mom who sings when she talks and is the perfect go getter. Last but not least we have Bob. The man of the show. He loves his family and all their crazy antics. He just hopes that they'll make rent.

You could watch any cartoon, but Bob's Burger is the show you grow with. You become apart of the family with every episode. You cringe with the family when they out that there is a rumor spreading that they use human flesh in the burgers. You cry with Tina when she gets dumped by her fake ghost boyfriend. You share vengeance with Louis when her favorite pink rabbit had gets stolen.

Bob's Burgers is a masterpiece and yes, this is my favorite show.