Have We Been Taking an Old-School Dinner in Bossier for Granted?

There is nothing quite like enjoying a good old fashioned breakfast. There is one place in town that isn't too far, in fact it is the spot for several Airmen. Not too far from Barksdale Airforce Base we can all enjoy a patriotic meal.

For Several Out of Towners, This is the Perfect Diner to Check out.

Who doesn't love an old fashioned diner stop during a road trip? Although you may feel like most diners are stuck in the 50's this one is all about America. Café USA lives up to the name.

If You Don't Love America, You Won't Like This Restaurant.

Do you have to sing "Proud to Be an American" when you walk into Café USA? it sure feels like it. There is American themed décor in every inch and cranny of this eatery.
If you thought that Café USA wasn't going to be all about the red, white and blue, think again.

Café USA Caught the Attention of Only in Your State and We Love It.

Only in Your State is a website that highlights really awesome activities and unique eats in every state, we love when Northwest Louisiana catches their attention, who doesn't want some extra love for our locally owned mom and pop stores?

Only in Your State said, "Diners were built for breakfasts. If you find yourself rising with the sun and want to enjoy some of the best breakfast in northern Louisiana, you’ve got to swing by Cafe USA. This no-frills, all-flavor diner in Louisiana is the perfect way to start your day."

Have you tried Cafe USA in Bossier yet? The address is  3380 Barksdale Blvd, Bossier City, LA 71112

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