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Its something that we've dreaded all year. We hoped it wouldn't last this long, but it looks like the COVID pandemic will impact our Halloween season.

Even though the pandemic will change how we celebrate Halloween this year, it won't take it from us completely. We will still be able to find ways to dress up, trick or treat, watch spooky movies, and eat too much candy.

TSM Live Events
TSM Live Events

One of the big ways we'll be able to celebrate this Halloween is with the Bossier City Farmer's Market and Geek'd Con. Because Halloween morning the Bossier Farm and Geek'd Con will be celebrating Halloween AT the Farmer's Market from 9a-1p. That means costumes, trick or treating, prizes, and candy all at the Farmer's Market! Which is outside, and totally socially distanced.

The Bossier Farmer's Market takes place every Saturday morning (from April to November) outside the Pierre Bossier Mall. Which will be the same on Halloween, just a little bit more spooky.

Normally you can find dozens of vendors at the Bossier Farmer's Market, from local famers to soap makers, craftsmen, to food trucks, and everything in-between. Which is exactly what you can expect on Halloween, but kids will be encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes, and trick or treat from the vendors as well.

Plus, Geek'd Con will be there will special prizes, merch, and other cool stuff!

Did we mention it's totally free?

See you this Halloween at the Bossier City Farmer's Market.

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