Last week I got to spray one of my morning show partners in the face.  Carter had it coming to be sure, but he was doing it for a pretty fantastic reason.  He was doing it to raise awareness, and more importantly monetary donations.  It's all to help out a fantastic charity called Mercy's Rescue.  It's a fantastic group of men and women dedicated to helping out Veterans who are struggling with homelessness.  Carter actually covered all of the details here.  Now it's my turn.

If you remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, than you get the basic drift.  The big difference is that you can create the wetness anyway you like!  A pool, water guns/balloons, whatever!  The Ice Bucket challenge raised over $115 million dollars! Even if Mercy's Rescue only got a tiny percentage of that cash, they could help turn it into housing that will help keep those who put their lives on the line for you and me from being homeless.

I encourage you to donate, and make your own videos that challenge others to do the same!