The last time I bet on a football game, I ended losing and having to sing karaoke in a parking lot.

A guy in Breaux Bridge recently lost a bet on a football game and his punishment was a little more severe.

Here's the back story.

Lauren Boudreaux and her husband Scotty make football bets on Monday and Thursday nights. The only caveat is they do not bet on Saints games.

This past Monday night the Bengals and Steelers were playing and the Boudreauxs had a friendly wager placed. Scotty chose the Bengals, and of course, they got smoked by the Steelers.

Thus, the following took place.

That's the intersection of Rees and Bridge Streets in Breaux Bridge (a well-traveled intersection). According to Lauren, "standing on the birthday wall in Breaux Bridge in the winner's choice of outfit was the bet."

Well played Kasha, well played.

In addition, we understand that Scotty even shaved his beard for his grand parade on the corner.

Hey Scotty, we'd suggest going low key on the wagers for the next couple of weeks. Your bride is a savage.