If this doesn't look like me after a long summer day on Cross Lake then nothing does.

We've all been there, a long day of partying and living it up on the lake. This day can leave you feeling a variety of ways. Sun burnt. Tanned. Hungover. Sore.

For this man, his long, fun day on the lake might have left him with a black eye.

A Brazilian guy was absolutely putting on a show for the camera recently. He was getting down, doing his best sexy-dance impression. Move over Magic Mike, it's this guy's world now.

You can tell he thought he was absolutely killing it, too. He was on cloud nine, on top of the world, he stood alone in that moment as the sexiest man on the planet, at least in his mind.

Things too a dramatic turn quick, however, after his friend encouraged him to take it up a notch.

When he did, he face met the deck swiftly. That's gonna leave a mark!