I hate bugs. Bugs are evil and should be destroyed. However this giant evil bug decided it would be fun to intrude my home and cause all sorts of craziness.

The dog was barking. The cat was screaming. Tucker was yelling at the animals for yelling at the bug. I was yelling because of the bug. It was a literal mess.

10 Insects Found In Louisiana

  1. Velvet Ant
  2. Brown Recluse Spider
  3. Luna Moth
  4. Buck Moth Catapillar
  5. Wolf Spider
  6. Banded Garden Spider
  7. Eastern Lubber Grasshopper
  8. Eastern Hercules Beetle
  9. Earwig
  10. Blister Beetle

Out of all the insane bugs that live in Louisiana a nat is what has caused destruction in my household.


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