What the heck do you give a guy for a two year anniversary?


The boyfriend, Tucker, and I have been together for two years tomorrow. The problem is trying to find something that he would like as a gift. He is the worst person to buy gifts for. It doesn't matter which holiday it is, He is the most difficult person to buy for. For example our conversations about possible gifts he might want usually goes something like this:

Me: So [insert holiday here] is coming up. Is there anything you might want for [insert holiday here].

Tucker:  Nah, I am good.

Me: Awesome. That helps so much. Thank you.

Buzzfeed tried to help me but lets be honest a shaving kit is a suck gift. It is awful. Here is a thing to clean your face. He doesn't shave! His red beard grows majestic. And a wallet or a shirt is just boring. There has got to be a secret to buying gifts for guys.

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