Yesterday, Kidd posted about this and today, I just had to follow up because I got an email from Julie asking for our help as well. Here's what Julie had to say:

Hi! I'm a junior and a student in the art department at Caddo Magnet High and I need your help getting the word out about a contest that I, along with several other art students at our school entered. We entered the Vans Shoes Custom Culture Contest here we designed four pairs of Vans shoes. Our designs made it to the top ten in the region and we're in the online voting stage right now. The winner of the entire contest wins $50,000 for their school's art department. We have to get as many people to vote as possible and we need help spreading the word. It's really simple to vote. Go to and vote for Caddo Magnet in the Southeast region. Pictures of our designs are on the website. The voting ends Monday, May 2nd at 11:59 pm so we have to act fast. Do you think there is any way the voting for the contest could be broadcasted to help get the wor d out? We really need your help to make this public. Thank you! Julie Jobe

Ready, set, CLICK! to help Caddo Magnet High School!!! BTW, if you want to see the post from Kidd, click here.