How awesome must a SWAT team competition be?  Completely awesome, that's how awesome.  Swat teams from around the state descended on Bossier City to find out who the best of the door-kicking-in best in Louisiana is.

SWAT is an acronym that stands for Special Weapons And Tactics, and that's exactly what teams from around the state were tested on during the Louisiana Tactical Police Officers Association competition.  According to the American Press, the clear winner was Sgt. Ed Choi, Sgt. Joshua Donovan, Sgt. Jeremy Dansby, Sgt. Brandon Miller and Capt. Rick Daughenbaugh from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office tactical unit.  After 2 days of competition the team racked up first place honors in rifle and the obstacle course; second in pistol and shotgun; and third in sniper.  Their combined score earned them the gold!

Overall, the clear winner is the state of Louisiana.  With a small army of specially trained peacekeepers that are constantly training against each other - crime has little chance of winning.