Words cannot fully explain how let down I, and many others, are with Warzone's big event this week.

For months, fans of the hit Call of Duty battle royal game have been patiently waiting on the multi-million dollar game to introduce a new map. Think about it, especially those who play this game frequently, you're playing the same game on the same map with the same weapon spawn locations over and over and over again. Heck, I've only been playing warzone for about 5 months and I can't tell you how tired I am of their classic Verdansk map.

However, for players like myself, this week was set to be an exciting one. Warzone has been teasing this week for a little over a month, and all signs led to the destruction of Verdansk. Finally. However, many fans of the game were let down immediately with how the video game rolled out their event. Fortnite, which I don't play, gets their events right. When something groundbreaking happens in the game, it's a beautiful story and journey for the fans of the game to go on together. They do it time after time. Each time, the big change is noteworthy and meaningful.

This was Warzone's chance to take over the gaming world with a first huge event of their own. Instead, what we got was a 24-hour event that was a bigger letdown than you can imagine. For starters, players yesterday played in the first part of the event, a silly game where players try to not turn into a zombie for 15 minutes. All for a 4-minute cut-scene that shows a nuke finally hit Verdansk. Then, nothing.... No new map. In fact, Warzone took their actual battle royal mode off the game for 24-hours.

Most fans fought through that aggravation because they knew they would be getting their new map and favorite game mode back today. Finally, this afternoon part 2 of the event took place, which was somehow even sillier and more pointless than the first part. Once again, we see Verdansk get nuked. Then, we got a new map right? Nope, no new map. Instead, the game developers thought it would be cute if after the nuke hit, time reversed by over thirty years. So the nuke really didn't mean anything. The nuke event they have been teasing for months meant absolutely nothing. Instead, we get the same Verdansk map with the only difference being this version is set nearly forty years in the past. So building s look a little nicer, and the town hasn't reached it's apocalyptic state yet.

Call of Duty: Warzone dropped the ball big time this week. Will players care enough to move on to another game? Only time will tell.




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