Who will be the first to solve my Shreveport riddle?

First and foremost, I'm literally going to make the riddle up as I go. I am simply pretty bored but think I have the perfect idea for a riddle, so we'll see if it works out...

I've got to warn you though, this won't be easy. You have to be truly Shreveportant to get this one right... Let's do it!


Who am I?

I am pretty tall, nine-foot to be exact

No one knows my purpose, but everyone reacts

You've seen me a time or two, as you drove or while you ran

I'm Louisiana through and through, I Hope Texas understands

Next time you're near, please stop and take a pic

Don't let the sirens bother you, and don't call me a chick

In time you'll realize, exactly who I am

The only one who truly knows me is a man, or maybe a Lamb.

Who am I?



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