Hey, Lady Luck We Sure Do Love You This Year in Louisiana.

Is Louisiana on the Hottest Streak Ever? When did the winning streak in Louisiana start? Was it the Mega Millions ticket that was sold in Rayne, Louisiana? One lucky Louisianain scored a $30,000 payday and we all thought we were so special to have a big win. Then a couple of weeks later on March 23rd Powerball announced a $50,000 win. From there it felt like we kept turning around to big winners at least once a week in Louisiana.

The Luck in Louisiana Is Not Limited to One Certain Lottery Game.

We are not talking strictly Powerball winnings, we are talking Easy 5, Megamillions, Lady Luck isn't discriminating she's like Oprah at this point. "You get a win and you get a win.". Last night's top prize in the Powerball game was an estimated $372,800,000. Yes, that's a big big number. However, there wasn't a ticket sold that matched all the numbers.

The Powerball numbers for 4/20 are 20 30 45 55 56 Powerball 14 and Power Play x2.

Although No Ticket Was Sold Matching All the Numbers Someone in New Jersey Won Big.

According to the Powerball website, there was a 2,000,000 winner in New Jersey. They also listed off something that made us giggle. The big winner in Louisiana got their lottery ticket at a smoke shop yesterday.

Someone in Ruston Walked Into a Smoke Shop on 4/20 and They Won $50,000.

If you were in Ruston at Sam's Smoke Shop on South Vienna Street, congrats, both you and your bank account got a little higher.

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