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Naming a teacher of the week, every single week isn't easy.  Everyday, we have loads of nominations flood our inbox with awesome teacher after teacher.  Each one of them deserves all of the accolades and then some.

Randomly, we select one incredible educator a week to highlight in order to bring a greater appreciation for teachers across the Ark-La-Tex.  Even before the Coronavirus Pandemic we expected a lot from teachers.  Having to figure out the balance between distance and in-person learning was the icing on the cake!  But, even after all off that, these superheroes of education not only figured it out - they did it with a smile!

If you've missed how awesome these people are, we have compiled the most recent award recipients and the reasons they were nominated in the first place.  Not only were each and everyone of these teachers named the "Teacher of the Week," they all got a $50 gift card for Notini's!

If you know of a teacher that goes above and beyond - nominate them below!

2020 Teachers of the Week Part 2

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