WARNING: Even though the child was perfectly unharmed, this video is still hard to watch.

As a father of two beautiful baby girls, this video absolutely struck me and stuck with me all day. It shows the true, real-life danger of not buckling your child and/or your child's car seat in properly. I, for one, could never imagine anything like this ever happening, so seeing this actually happen is jarring and a real eye opener.

In this dash-cam footage, everything seems as normal as can be, until the unthinkable happens. As a car ahead turns to the right, it's back car-door swings open and the child (in the carseat) comes flying out onto the road.

Miraculously, it seems like the driver didn't even notice it, or at least not right away. Instead, the car who's dash-cam captured the ordeal, stopped to help.

The child stayed fastened inside the car seat and remained completely unharmed.

The mother, who was driving, might face child endangerment chargers.


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