Chances are we have all felt a little sick of work and called out sick. Maybe you have suffered a horrid hangover before and you just had to call in. What's the worst that our employer can do? Call us out for "lying" when they can't prove it? Well, Chipotle "don't play", at least not when it comes to their "sick" employees.

The Chipotle on-call nurses validate that the employee is not calling in with a hangover. They make sure that the employee is in fact really sick. If the employee is really sick, then the employee gets a paid day off. Of course, Chipotle's CEO claims that they just want to keep their restaurants clean of diseases. I'm just saying like their guacamole, Chipotle is so extra.

According to "The on-call nurses are meant to make sure that every employee is healthy enough to be working when they're on the clock. Although, it's a challenge to make sure restaurants remain safe and clean no matter how many preventative measures are taken." 



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