Christina Aguilera is gearing up for her comeback! Aguilera, whose most recent album ‘Bionic’ failed to make any chart or airplay impact, is going back to her roots with her next single, ‘Your Body’ — and the video treatment sounds like a lot of fun.

The ‘Dirrty’ singer is currently casting for her new video, and the characters they’re looking for sound pretty down and, well, dirrty. The casting call (via The Prophet Blog) is looking for “hot guys, rough and rugged, preferably have tattoos [who] look like they could live in a trailer park.”

A snippet of another track rumored to be Aguilera’s, ‘Easier to Lie,’ leaked previously, but no further word has come on whether it’s actually hers or if and when it’ll be released.

Meanwhile, a fan of Xtina’s singing competition show, ‘The Voice,’ spilled some details that were revealed during a taping of the third season. Host Carson Daly said that Aguilera will perform ‘Your Body’ on the show in September, which is likely when the single will be released (as opposed to this month, as originally reported). All about cross-promotion, people!

In terms of show gossip, the lucky (and loose-lipped!) audience member said that all the tension between Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and Aguilera is gone and that all the judges were in great spirits. “There was a lot of interaction with both Blake and Adam,” the source dished. “No negative energy at all. Christina was laughing the whole time. Her laugh is so loud and cute. You can tell she was having a good time with the boys.”

The only real drama was actually still in fun. The source told Xtina Web, “Carson called Cee Lo the most honest coach. Christina was pissed and threw her fan at him and hit him with it. He picked it up and put it in his pocket and said, ‘$40 on eBay!’ Then she wanted him to throw it back, but Christina missed and it hit the ground. She tried to get Blake to pick it up for her, but Adam was in the middle of making a difficult decision. Cee Lo ended up picking up Christina’s fan during the break.” Cute!

Another top secret development? Apparently a male contestant who didn’t make it last year made it onto Xtina’s team this season. Sounds juicy!

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