It takes a real dummy to smoke a cigarette at a gas pump. This guy did it, and paid quite the price for it.

Some guy just couldn't wait until after he filled his tank with highly flammable gas to light his cigarette. Naturally, that's a huge hazard for not only himself, but literally everyone at the gas station. One flick in the wrong direction and KABOOM, so I think he actually got off easy.

While he was smoking and pumping, a gas station employee approached and asked him to put it out immediately. The smoking idiot declined, clearly not expecting what came next.

Without hesitation, the employee grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and absolutely obliterated the guy, his car, ad of course, his cigarette.


What do you think? Did the employee go a little too far?

I say absolutely not, he legitimately could have saved lives by taking it to that extreme.

Check out the video and see for yourself.