Someone send Clawed the Mudbug up north to show them how to properly use a t-shirt cannon.

I've gone on the record by saying we have the greatest mascot in the world, right here in Shreveport. Clawed the Mudbug is beyond recognizable, and puts on a show at every single Mudbugs home game. The most impressive thing? The mascot does everything ON SKATES! He would never do something this embarrassing.

For this clip, we have to go up to Colorado.

The mascot for the University of Colorado-Boulder was attempting to use a t-shirt cannon, when things went massively, embarrassingly wrong.

As he's fiddling with the cannon, it goes off and hurts the mascot pretty bad.

So bad, in fact, he actually had to get CARTED OFF THE FIELD.

Luckily, he was fine, but I don't think we can say the same for his groin region...

Check this out and don't try this at home!



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