Media giants Disney and Comcast have been embroiled in a bidding war for FOX for months - and it has been monumental to say the least.  That fight seems to be over, and it looks like the victor is wearing mouse ears.

The multi-billion dollar battle came to a head yesterday when Disney outflanked Comcast's offer.  According to the Daily Beast, Comcast dropped a huge, hostile take-over, all cash offer of $65 billion - only to be overshadowed by Disney's gigantic $71.3 billion dollar offer.  At that point, Comcast laid their cards face down on the table and walked away.  This clears the way for one of the biggest and most significant media conglomerations in history.  If / when the sale goes through, Disney would own the 20th Century Fox movie studio, 20th Century Fox Television, networks like FX and NatGeo, and a controlling stake in Hulu.

Movie-wise, this will have a huge impact.  For example, the X-Men cinematic universe will be able to merge with the Marvel Cinematic universe and incorporate a huge gallery of characters that will allow for story lines like X-Men Vs. The Avengers to make their way to the silver screen.  We've already seen how powerful this phenomenon can be.  Last year, we saw Spiderman join the MCU through a partnership between Disney and Sony.  Not only was the web-head in Captain America: Civil War, we saw Marvel figurehead Tony Stark and Iron Man staple Happy Hogan in prominent roles in Spiderman Homecoming. Those movies made $1,153,304,495 and $880,166,924 respectively. 

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