With all eyes on politics today, I think we can use a break from the controversy and shine light on someone truly deserving.

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting any good news out of Washington today. Every time I went online, whether it was Facebook or Twitter, all I see is friends arguing over the Kavanaugh situation. It was nasty today, too, with everyone taking a firm stance on one side or the other, and letting loose on the opposition.

Then, I stumbled across something out of Washington that put an instant smile on my face. Congressman Ralph Abraham, from Alto, Louisiana, chose to tell a story to his constituents about a true hero from Ruston. He honored Adolf Wesselhoeft on the house floor, who is now legally blind from exposure to agent Orange from flying bombers during the Vietnam War.

Abraham spoke about Wesselhoeft, saying, "Seeking shelter in bunkers, and despite those experiences, ‘Wes’ remained a true American Patriot, he was committed to coming back home to the United States of America.” He continued with, "His service to his country as well as the horrors he and his family suffered in Germany will never be forgotten.”

Awesome move by one of our own, honoring one of our own.