It's the weekend, and if you don't end up like this guy, you didn't party hard enough.

Yes, this guy is now raising the bar when it comes to party expectations. I'm not sure what he got into, but I know it was enough to completely knock him out cold.

Now, I have new aspirations. It's now ,y nightly mission every weekend when I'm DJing upstairs at Big Country, to make sure people have so much fun, they could conceivably end the night passed out on a donkey.

If they have a designated driver, of course.

This video comes to us from Russia, because of course it does. The clip is seven seconds long but let's face it, that's all we really need here. The clip shows a donkey walking down a boardwalk, with a drunk guy wearing swim trunks passed out on it's back. Naturally, as the donkey and the drunk man stroll by, the cops are within arm's length in what's clearly a grueling police chase.

You have to see this!


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