The effects keep coming from the Biden administration's war against the fossil fuel industry.  The latest casualty seems to be diesel fuel supply. Diesel fuel prices have been rising and are expected to continue to do so. And to make things worse, now we're heading into, arguably, one of the busiest seasons of the year, the holidays.

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Diesel prices have risen 33% in November, and some are predicting an actual shortage of diesel fuel.  We currently have about a million barrels a day LESS than just a year ago.  It's incomprehensible to try to even imagine how the country would come to an absolute, devastating halt with no diesel fuel.

Effects of a Diesel Shortage

If you think grocery prices are high now, imagine if the stores could no longer receive supply because trucking companies can't run trucks to deliver. But it's not just groceries.  This country absolutely depends on the trucking industry.  But even for those goods that are able to be delivered, the costs are going to be sky high because what fuel is available will be at all time high prices. And who do you think is going to pay those higher costs?  The trucking companies have to forward those increases to the suppliers, the suppliers pass the increases to the retailers, who will have to pass the increases on to you.

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Currently, diesel demand is higher than ever, but because this current administration is commited to outright destroying the fossil fuel industry,  refineries are struggling to meet that demand.  Not to mention, we're also now competing with Europe for oil supply.

How Will Things Get Better?

Experts say for things to improve, one of two things need to happen.

1. We need to increase supply. But with the current dictators in place, 'that ain't happening.'  We can see that from the fact that Biden has dropped his claws into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to manipulate gas prices before the election. Sorry Brandon, we ain't fallin' for it.

2. Demand needs to decrease.  And there is no sign of that happening anytime soon.

But there's also a third option. And that happens November 8th.  We have to stop this referendum by this current administration.  By regaining control of the House and Senate, we can stop, or at least slow down, these devastating policies that are absolutely destroying our country.

The only positive out of this story is that experts don't think we in Louisiana will likely face a diesel shortage, but we are certainly going to feel the effects from other states and industries.

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