Every year there is another "hottest toy for Christmas."  Last year it was Hatchimals, and the year before it was the Disney Frozen Sing Along Elsa Doll.  This year, we are bracing for a tidal wave of Fingerlings - but if you are hoping to snag one of these monkeys(?) online, watch out.  The Courier-Journal is reporting that counterfeit fingerlings are making online sales a bit tricky.

The Fingerlings are little critters that hang on to your fingers, blink, and respond to various stimuli like touch and sound.  They come in monkey, unicorn, and sloth models in a variety of colors.  They retail for $14.99, but have been going for as much as $70 online.  Experts have been cautioning consumers to be on the lookout for knockoffs and fakes that don't move or respond at all, show signs off shoddy paint work, or have misspelled words on the packaging.  The best way to ensure you aren't getting ripped off is to look for an official retailer, like Amazon.

So far, WowWee has accused 165 sellers of selling counterfeit Fingerlings online.  The toy manufacturer has even gone so far as to file temporary restraining orders to try and stop the flow of fake Fingerlings