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It what will most certainly be remembered as a bad decision, police in Texas are now dealing with the aftermath of 22-year-old Georgee Marie Lara's actions after what started as a simple apartment search turned in to assault on one of the attending officers.

According to the report from KXAN, officers with the Midland Police Department showed up to Lara's apartment at the Renew North Park Apartments in Midland, Texas at around 9:30 on the evening of August 3rd.  They had obtained a warrant to search the premises, and knocked on the door in order to gain access to the home. That's when the trouble started.

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Reportedly, that's when Lara became belligerent with officers and refused to comply.  She was detained so that officers could conduct their search, and that's when she allegedly announced that she was infected with COVID-19.  According to the details of the report, she then spit into an unnamed officers face.

It would take several officers to restrain the young "lady" as she allegedly did everything she could to resist - including trying to push her way past authorities and stiffening her body while police tried to put her into the back of a patrol car.

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What her apartment was being searched for was not released at the time of this report.  What is known is that she was arrested on the spot, and taken to jail.  She has since been released on a five-thousand-dollar bond.

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