These days, it's hard to escape the world that COVID-19 has forced us to live in. I think I found the magical combination.

No, we're still months away from a COVID-19 vaccine, but I believe the delicate combination of crawfish and ice-cold frozen margaritas is just what we need to take out mind off of the pandemic.

Let's face it, there are two things that we love in Shreveport. These are two things that are always by our side, even in the strangest period of life most of us have ever had to live through. Crawfish is as good as gold around here, and for good reason. The red beauties of the sea are always what's for dinner, and there's never an occasion where a few pounds of crawfish won't fit in perfectly. We're also big fans of frozen margaritas and I challenge you to remember a moment in your life where you weren't salivating at just the thought of a margarita coming in clutch after a long day.

So let's continue practicing smart social distancing. Let's all do our part to continue to flatten the curve. And when things get tough or overwhelming, go grab 10 lbs. of crawfish and a few margaritas and don't forget to thank me later.



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