Are we sure this wasn't filmed at Fair Grounds Stadium?

For whatever reason, i truly hate bats... I would say I am most afraid of bats over all other animals/incects. I'm not really sure why, I've never had any type of bad personal experience with one. My goodness, though, I hate these things.

Maybe it comes from my fascination with Ace Ventura... I guess his complete hatred for bats rubbed off on me.

I remember announcing the Captains games during their last few seasons and the guys in the box would always try to slide open our window with hopes that a bat would come flying in and freak me the you-know-what out.

This video is straight out of my nightmares.

The now-viral footage shows maybe 50-60 bats gathered and stacked on top of each other on the side of a n office building in Houston.

You gotta see this!



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