[Updated 11 a.m., Oct. 10] Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and generosity with regard to the story of Tiser Lusk. The family is overwhelmed by how many offers of help and assistance they've been given, but they don't wish to be viewed as a 'charity case.' They want their chair back!

I received the following email from his mother, Mary Margaret, this morning, Thursday, October 10, 2013:


Thanks so much For the coverage you and your colleagues have given to this story. I am over the moon excited about the kindness of people. I know you are busy so this is greatly appreciated.

This is what I would like people to know: Tiser's grandmother owns an upholstery business in Mississippi and had the chair made for Tiser. It cost approximately $600 in time, labor and materials. We had to force her to take the money. She said she would gladly make him another chair and donate it. It's just that the thought of her doing three days worth of work again makes me sick. This means that we have access to having a new chair made but a mother of another special needs child has a chair like Tisers that she is donating to us. So we will have another chair very soon even if Tisers chair is never returned. Yay!!

But the issue for us now is who stole and sold it?! Although we would love to get it back (that's our first choice) we realize it may be easier to find out who stole and sold it at the reruns are fun sale. When a person enters an item into the sale it includes an index card with their contact information, the description of the item and the price they are selling it for. The lady at reruns said they would go through the tags but I have offered to take the tags (thousands of them) and go through them myself to find out who entered it into the sale. We want to find out who sold it, make them pay us the $600 back, and make sure they do not make any money off of the chair. We hope to have them do so voluntarily but if we have to file charges with the police department to make them do so, we will.

So there is no need for anyone to donate any money or another chair but we appreciate it more than anyone could ever know. The fact that so many people are standing up for the rights of our little angel, Tiser, brings tears to my eyes. It is amazing how much people care in spite of a few bad people - the good nature of most is prevailing and reassuring. We just want people to see the chair so that if they have seen it, recognize it, or know who bought it, they can let us know. That is our purpose of sharing the story and the picture of Tiser's chair.

Please post this in response to any comments, emails or messages you get about Tiser. Thanks so much!!!


Mary Margaret

Previously Posted Wednesday, October 9, 2013:

When I received this email from Mary Margaret Lusk this morning, my heart broke for her. She has a special needs child named Tiser and last month, they went the Buffalo Wild Wings and accidentally forgot his custom made chair.

When they returned, the chair was missing. Later, it was it was found to have been at Reruns Are Fun Sale where it was subsequently sold.

This chair is one of a kind and was made with love by Tiser's grandmother in Mississippi. The chair not only has his name embroidered on it, but Mississippi State as well.

If you have any idea who may have purchased this chair, the family needs it back. They are even willing to go so far as to buy advertisements to find it. (Disclosure: We are most certainly NOT charging them to help publicize their search!) They aren't concerned with who took it and/or sold it, they just want to buy it back. Please help!

Here is the email from Mary Margaret regarding Tiser's chair:

My name is Mary Margaret Lusk and I have a son, Tiser Lusk, who has a brain injury called kernicterus. He is 3 years old. We are currently dealing with a dilemma involving the theft and reselling of his special needs chair. The picture below is of a custom made chair that belongs to Tiser. We use at restaurants, birthday parties, meetings or anywhere a seat is necessary for him. Due to Tiser’s brain injury, he has little to no head or trunk control so he cannot sit in a high chair, booster seat or even a bumbo seat. So we had this chair custom made based on a “feeder chair” model that Tiser uses at the Goldman School. It cost almost $600 to have made. On September 12, we accidentally left it at Buffalo Wild Wings. When we realized we left it, we immediately called and even went to BWW but they did not have the chair nor had anyone turned it in. I was devastated as Tiser relies on this chair so he can be fully engaged with his environment rather than lying on the floor, sitting in a stroller or being held. I thought it was gone forever. However, this past Sunday, I discovered it was sold this week at Reruns are Fun consignment sale in Shreveport! This means that someone took Tiser’s chair from BWW and then entered it in the Reruns are Fun Sale to make money off of it! Can you believe that? I was shocked that someone would take a child’s chair, clearly custom made (even has his name and Mississippi State embroidered on it) and then sell it for cash! Tiser desperately needs it back. Two news stations aired stories on this Monday night – Fox 33 and KTAL. Also, Tiser has a Facebook page – www.facebook.com/TisersChance and it has been shared and seen by almost 100,000 at this point. So I am extremely hopeful that we get it back. I am not concerned with who took it or who sold it – just who bought it so I can buy it back from them. The chair would not do a typical child any good unless someone thought it was a small “video game” chair. I listen to K945 every morning and love hearing the local news, which made me think I should contact you to see if you would be willing to mention a blurb about this if you have time. If not, I understand as I am sure you have tons of stories to get on the air in a small window of time.

Thank you SO much!

Mary Margaret

You can check out the family's Facebook page for Tiser and help them in the search.