Growing up here in Louisiana, I've came across just about every scary, dangerous animal possible. Luckily, I haven't met a rattlesnake... Yet.

This poor guy not only met a rattlesnake, but he got dangerously close to it, without even knowing! He was riding his bike through deep sand on a riding trail, when his bike actually got stuck.

I'm assuming the trail he was riding stretched for miles and miles, and it just so happened that his bike got stuck on literally the absolute worst part. My man's bike got stuck right on top of a full grown rattlesnake.

It's rattle was wildly rattling too, sounding so loud you could easily confuse it with his bike's tires spinning.

Somehow, some way, he was able to get off of his bike without getting bit. Even more amazingly, he was able to pull out his cell phone too, because if he didn't film it, you know NO ONE would have believed him.

You've gotta see this!


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