Can we please play a round of frisbee golf with this guy on Clyde Fant Parkway?

A dad has gone viral in the most dad-way possible. This guy is playing frisbee golf with his two sons, in the middle of a gorgeous course.

Clearly, the dad has been getting on his son's nerves. In the viral video, the two sons are annoyed with their pappa because he is talking too much. They simply was big daddy to move out of the way, so the millennials can show him how it's done.

Little did they know, he was about to steal the show and grab some internet fame at the same time.

After barking orders at their dad, telling him to stop talking and start playing, the father turns and lets it rip. He throws this frisbee disk like he's a true professional and glides that sucker to the promise land.

Yep, in the faces of his pushy children, he showed them who's the boss by draining a long-range hole-in-one.

Naturally, he completely loses his mind, screaming profanities in his excitement.

Watch out, there's a could of enthusiastic cuss words in the video below.