Please let this be the next big viral craze....

I absolutely loved this video. As a father of two girls, one of which goes to Fairfield Elementary, I'm always looking for new, fun ways to show them my appreciation.

As a parent, there is truly nothing better than when your child does well. It doesn't matter what it is... Whether it's riding a bike, or getting excellent grades, that proud feeling overwhelms us. Those kiddos love to be appreciated and complimented on their hard work, too.

This dad found a new, hilarious way to show some love to his son after his son knocked it out of the park in his first nine weeks.

The video below is pure excellence. It starts with dad holding the camera on his son, while startling him with a loud and aggressive "YOU!" The kid quickly looks over and realizes his dad is yelling at him, but yelling at him about his amazing report card.

You have to see this!


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