I feel like we all know someone who has been catfished. Right? If not my friends are very interesting folks who have let's just say very unique online dating stories. I remember telling one of my best friends that the person they were talking to was definitely on the larger side. I was ignored and called crazy.

Once my friend met up with them my friend claimed they got catfished and that their date was using filters and angles to fool them. I didn't rub it in their face at the time, but now I bring the story up every chance I get.

Wouldn't you think it'd be awesome if we could take the guessing out of dating? Not the "Oh I wonder if they like me" but more of like the "I wonder if they actually look like their picture". You've seen those people who have a filter on every single photo they post. They maximize their look through good angles and filters, does this make them a catfish? I think so.

Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images
Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images

A new dating app that was brainstormed right here in Shreveport has officially launched. UnFiltered is a dating app that prohibits edited photos, filters, fake profiles, and only allows recent images to be used in the app. Want to take a new photo? You have to take the photo using the in-app camera. Gone are the days of swiping through someone's photos trying to find photos without a filter. This app simply doesn't allow it, and we aren't mad about it.

According to PR Newswire "UnFiltered is creating a dating revolution by providing a platform for true genuine connections and by revamping the online dating experience with unique built-in features that promote and cultivate a safe, transparent, UnFiltered environment so users can be the person they were always supposed to be themselves."

Shreveport residents had a lot to do with getting UnFiltered off the ground. So naturally, there is a launch party for the dating app on Saturday, June 26th at 8:00 p.m. at Allure which is the upstairs lounge at Eldorado. It's a free event if you download the dating app.

Now if this app could put red flags on toxic people we'd pay for it. Yes, I know there is no such thing as a red flag filter, but a girl can dream.

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