Okay so a few weeks back when I was getting on an airplane to take me to Michigan I wrote a story while waiting for my flight all about how a wasp sting changed my life, and how I became the man I am today. Well I promised to share our vows. So... here they are.


Dear David,

I have started this letter so many different ways and deleted them all because none of them were quite right. So let me just get to the point which you and I both know, I always have trouble doing. So here it is, I love you and want to marry you because you are the most selfless, generous, kindest, and also most ridiculous man I’ve ever met. You let me be me, whoever and whatever that is at the moment and you are not afraid of rats or roaches or picking me up off the side of I-20, or my inability to back my car into a parking spot. You let me hold your hand when I’m wearing shoes I already said I shouldn’t be wearing, and you let me watch Dance Moms, Say Yes to the Dress and Millionaire Matchmaker reruns when all you really want to do is watch the new episode of Psych. Sometimes I wonder too if you think your sole purpose in life is to make me laugh because you are always trying, especially when I’m trying not to laugh. (Why do we always sit where the pastors can see us in church?). I know that when I call in the middle of the night from Michigan or need you to pick me up from so and so’s house you will always answer. I love that you are always glad I called, even when I call you right in the middle of tracking your show or you have a client waiting for you. And it’s a huge relief that you never get mad at me for eating the last oatmeal no-bake or putting your coffee stein where you can’t find it.

I’m not sure that I could have gotten through the past six months (you put up with monster Holly) without you telling me that a) my professors were not out to get me and b) that I was actually going to graduate, and no they weren’t going to take my degree away from me. Of course you were right about the latter but I’m still not convinced about my professors. I know that you have faults and everything but even when I think I find a fault, it turns into one more thing I love about you. Your ridiculous songs about moments and unicorn poop beards drive me crazy but then I find myself singing along. It’s too much effort for me to even pretend to be mad at you most of the time because you are either making me laugh or cooking me dinner or telling me that I look beautiful when I’ve spent the morning making no less than 75 phone calls.

I think that you and I have been very fortunate to have good parents who taught us that love is not a feeling it’s an action. I know that I will never have to question whether or not you love me because I see all of the things you do for me. I also know that you will never leave me in the dark or hurt me on purpose even if you could. I love you because you love me in exactly how I need to be loved and you understand when things just aren’t going right for me. I know that you are perfect for me because I prayed that God would send you to me and then all of a sudden, there you were in your breakdancing turtle shirt walking into Myra’s and Tim’s living room. I know that we will have a wonderful life together because you make loving you easy when everything else is so hard.

Love, Your girl.


Dear Holly,

Well, the assignment is to write a love letter to you and tell you how I feel about you, why I love you and why I want to marry you. There are too many reasons to list.

From the moment we met at Myra and Tim's house. I knew you were not like anybody else I've ever met before. You are the woman I've prayed for my whole life, and God's perfect answer to my prayers. You're beautiful, sweet, strong willed, flexible, understanding, affectionate, compassionate, loving, and have the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. Proverbs 30:10 says ' A good woman is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds.' And as a man who's looked through a lot of coal to find you, the perfect diamond, I can attest that is most definitely true.

I've spent most of my life trying to make other people happy. Never knowing the joy of having happiness returned to me. Never knowing the feeling of mutual emotional support. Never knowing what it is like to be truly loved for who I am. From making sure I always have ice tea to drink in my fridge, to helping me fold my laundry. You go out of your way to do small things to let me know you love and appreciate me.

In short, why do I love you? Because, I feel like you understand, appreciate and have boundless love for me.

As to the question of why do I want to marry you ... well Solomon the wise said in Proverbs 18:22 'He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord'. I could use the brownie points with the big guy.
In seriousness though, going back to the bible, way back in Genesis, when God took a rib from Adam and made Eve, Adam said "This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh." I feel the same way about you. Aristotle once said "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." I honestly couldn't agree more. When I'm with you I feel whole and complete. I couldn't imagine living a life without you.

I feel blessed to have you in my life. I'm honored that you are willing to be my wife. And most of all I'm grateful to God for the love that we share together.

Yours always,