Spoiler alert: Ratchet City ain't on this list.

Often times when you hear about Louisiana, and most large cities in our state, you hear about the high crime rates.

We'll flip the normal script here and instead of focusing on the bad, we'll shed light on the good and give props along the way.

According to last year's Wallet Hub study, which listed the safest states and the most dangerous states, Louisiana as a whole landed at the second most dangerous state in the country to live in. Their criteria for ranking states dealt with five categories. Key personal & residential safety, financial safety, road safety, workplace safety, and emergency preparedness.

Having said that, there are safe cities to live in our state and you can find the safest below.

The website Alarms.org found the five safest cities to live in, based on crime data such as violent crime and property crime, as well as population and law enforcement employees. Minden is the only city on the list around our next of the woods. Minden landed at number five, right behind Covington. The third safest city in our state is Youngsville, ranked narrowly below the town of Mandeville. According to their study, the city of Gretna, located in South Louisiana, is the safest city in our state.

I've lived in Louisiana all of my life and I've never heard of Gretna, but it sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Hopefully one day we can share an article putting Shreveport-Bossier on the safe cities list!

To read their entire study, click HERE.

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