Paris Hilton flipped out on an Australian TV crew and had them banned from the red carpet for insinuating that her fame wouldn’t last forever. Paris tries to have complete control over her interviews and even screens all the questions beforehand. No one is allowed to ask about her tape or her former BFF that surpassed her in fame, Kim Kardashian. And she didn’t appreciate it when a reporter asked her what is she going to do when she’s not famous anymore?

Paris kept calm and cool while she answered the question, saying that she would get married and have kids, but she flipped out afterwards. She threatened them that if they aired that clip, she would never interview with them again and make sure that the station was banned from the red carpet event at a big club opening that night. They aired the clip anyway and said that they weren’t concerned with Paris’ threats.

There is a word for this...but we can't use it here. :)