The U.S. Geology Survey confirms a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit East Texas around 1:01 a.m. this morning with its epicenter 2 miles from Timpson, Texas. Did you feel it?
@Quake_TrackerTX on Twitter stated

Mag: 4.1 - Depth: 5 km - UTC 7:01 AM - Eastern Texas


It struck shortly after midnight.
Following the reports we have received people experienced serious shaking. The shaking lasted also longer than the other earthquakes experienced in Timpson before. says it's hard to say whether this has to be called an aftershock or a new mainshock, in fact they are all simply earthquakes. An hypocenter (breaking point in the earth) of only 5 km is extremely shallow and feels like it happens almost under your house if you live above it. The earthquake will have been felt far beyond Timpson, but only as a weak to very weak shaking. They expect that this earthquake will generate only minor damage like cracks in walls, fallen objects etc. Minor aftershocks may be expected.

You can see the real time USGS earthquake map here.

I live in Highland in Shreveport and I felt my windows shake. They rattled like a strong wind blowing outside, but there was no other serious effects. Other reports of shaking and feeling or hearing the effects of the quake are pouring in.

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