It may have not worked the first go-round, but Emily Maynard is ready to give it another try. Since splitting from Brad Womack, Emily decided she wants another shot at love on The Bachelorette. But is she desperate for love or desperate for attention?

Emily wants the world to remember her, so she stays active on Twitter and is live-blogging the current Bachelorette season to stay in the public eye. A source says she has already talked to ABC about returning as the Bachelorette next season and they are considering it.

Her return may be a good thing since current Bachelorette contestants admitted to Ashley Hebert they had hoped it would be Emily they were competing for affection this season. On Monday’s episode, Ashley invited the men to roast her at a comedy club. William got on stage and said, “I thought I signed up to be with Emily but then Ashley's here – really who cares."