I am guilty of it. I think the pandemic just aided in my horrible Amazon shopping addiction. I try really hard to not shop online but man, it's so easy and addicting. We are so close to Dallas where there is a very large Amazon fulfillment center. If you order something in stock you get that sense of semi-instant gratification when you order something and get it within 48 hours. If Amazon's latest idea goes through we might see our wait time drop down to 24 hours.

It's no secret that malls everywhere are struggling to stay afloat. Some of our favorite spots to shop have closed their doors for good. We know how it happened, just look at your Amazon transaction history. Could the stores that we once shopped at religiously become Amazon fulfillment centers? That's the idea behind the countless meetings that Amazon's executives have had with one of America's biggest mall owners, Simon Property Group.

Amazon Holds News Conference
David McNew, Getty Images

According to Business Insider Amazon is "in talks" with Simon Property Group to convert the large empty retail spaces into Amazon fulfillment centers. These empty stores would transform into warehouses that ship online orders. Amazon has their eyes set on the larger stores that filed for bankruptcy and closed down. Yep, Sears and JCPenney left such huge holes in malls all over America, and Amazon executives know that Mall executives are eager to make a deal.

Amazon has a lot to gain if this deal with Simon Property Group goes through. The more warehouse space around the U.S. acquired the quicker you and I can get our packages. Amazon has already occupied old strip malls that have gone out of business and turned them into fulfillment centers.

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