Don't we all need a feel-good story to make our days a little brighter? This feel-good story is coming straight out of downtown Shreveport. On Sunday, July 18th a couple reported hearing a kitten trapped in a storm drain in the area of the confederate memorial in front of the courthouse. Shreveport Fire Department was called to help rescue the feral kitten trapped in the storm drain. However, after several hours of trying, they were never able to catch the kitten.

With all the rain forecasted on Monday, community members knew that something needed to happen to save the kitten's life. At this point, the kitten had been stuck for well over 24 hours. The kitten was up against mother nature and the rising water levels in the storm drains. All the forecasted rain would surely be the end of the poor kitten. Who could save this frightened kitten?

Officer Hooker with Caddo Parish Animal Services & Mosquito Control showed up bright and early Monday morning and he realized he had his work cut out for him. Although Officer Hooker left his cape at home we know he is definitely a hero, he saved the frightened kitten just in time. Officer Hooker pulled off what so many weren't able to do and saved the kitten from the storm drain just before the rain started to come down.

Courtesy of Shreveport DDA
Courtesy of Shreveport DDA

Thank you Officer Hooker for being the hero that downtown Shreveport needed. You made our week instantly better. We will keep you updated on where the kitten ends up and hopefully, someone can adopt this baby as soon as it is fully vetted.

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