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Sometimes it's hard to debate that Louisiana is one of the most unique places on earth. From hard to pronounce street names to all sorts of weird practices/history, Louisiana is like nowhere else. But, while we may have more weirdness per capita than any other state, we're not the only ones with some...odd ball decisions.

Recently, Estately put out a map of the weirdest town names in the United States. And while Louisiana is an odd place with all sorts of strange behavior, our odd town names have nothing on the rest of the country.

According to their research, Waterproof is the weirdest town name in Louisiana. Which is understandable. Waterproof is an EXTREMELY odd name for a small town located close to the Mississippi River. Although, according to what I found on Wikipedia, the name is accurate. Because even before advancements in the Mississippi River levee system, the town rarely flooded. Which is pretty impressive.

But Waterproof is far from the weirdest on the list. You got everything from Ding Dong, Texas to Scratch Ankle Alabama. I mean, there are some real doozies on this list. To see the full list of the 50 Weirdest Town names by state, just scroll down. To learn more about Waterproof, Louisiana click here.

The craziest part about this list to me is there are some many odd little towns in the country that have tiny populations and barely show up on a map. Some of these places you might have drove through and not even realized it.

Look: Weirdest Town Names in the United States

From Ding Dong, Texas to Waterproof, Louisiana there are some truly strange town names in the United States. 

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