Hold all future mugshots, this mugshot has officially won 2020.

This mugshot is why I spend a few minutes every day scrolling through bookings in Shreveport-Bossier. You absolutely never know what you're going to see next, but I don't think anyone could ever expect to see a mugshot like this.

It's funny, I actually saw this mugshot on Facebook a few days ago, but I kept scrolling because it did't look real in any way. Then, today I'm scrolling through local bookings on KTBS, and what do you know, it's right here and as real as real gets.

This week, Allen Atkins Jr. was arrested  in Shreveport for state probation violation, possession of schedule ll, lV, l, and prohibited acts-use/possession drug paraphernalia. However, it's not the charges that has everyone talking, instead, it's his snake-like eye ball.

His right eye is fine and dandy, but his left eye is absolutely wild. Maybe it's a snake, alligator, or heck, maybe even a dragon's eye.

Check this out!


Allen Atkins Jr / Caddo Parish Jail
Allen Atkins Jr / Caddo Parish Jail


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